Student Instructions

To post your REFLECTIONS, make sure you are logged in and have accepted my invitation to be an “author”. Then, hover over “New” at the top of the screen and click “Post”. See my sample post under the “David Harvey #1” menu option.

MAKE SURE to 1) include your name after the title, and 2) check the CATEGORY BOX for the name of the lecturer (e.g. “David Harvey #1”) for the week. The categories correspond to the menu options at the top, so checking the right category box before you publish will keep everything organized.

To post a COMMENT, click “Leave a reply” underneath the post’s title. All comments will be moderated to make sure only course students participate, so your comment may not go up immediately.

This basic structure will get us started, but the blog will stay private for a week or two while I polish it up. Then it will become publicly visible.

Feel free to email us at  and if you have questions or ideas about the blog. — Leo Lamas and Karen Hui  (assistants to the Anticapitalist Thought and Action course)